About the JCRD

1.Objective of the establishment

  • JCRD is a nationwide organization with a membership including local municipalities and numerous private businesses.
  • JCRD assists in regional revitalization by supporting town development and regional expertise in a diverse range of fields.


  • 1985


  • 13F Nihonbashi Plaza Bldg. 2-3-4,Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

4.Contact us

  • Phone 81+ 3-5202-6137
  • E-mail: kouhou@jcrd.jp

5.Main operations

  • Provides information on regional survey and research
  • Training and network building
  • Provides grants for town planning


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Regional Development, a monthly magazine “Chiiki-Dukuri”

Event Space in Nihonbashi (JCRD run)

Local products are sold there 80days of year.

Let’s enjoy  local places in Japan

Welcome to “The Local Information corner”!!

Here, 2600 types pamphlets are on display. Almost all of pamphlets are Japanese local government pamphlets. The corner has the pamphlets of tourism, products, antenna shops, events and various fields. The pamphlets are free. Additionally, local products are sold there 80days of year.

The pamphlets of good design will be honored.

By Shinbo

He is the chairman of the local pamphlet award! His name is  Shibo Minami  and a famous illustrator.

Local specialty shops 2016

At antenna shops, local specialties of each coming

Tottori Okayama Shinbashi-kan

What's antenna shops?

You can buy novelty products, eat local foods and enjoy local events at those antenna shops. Fresh vegetables and fruits from farmhouses and other seasonal tastes are available there. Visit the antenna shops in Tokyo to enjoy a feeling of travelling local areas all of Japan.

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The Antenna Shop's Gourmet Food

JCRD Support Project for Local Government Antenna Shops

  • Create a column for antenna shops in our website to post information on each shop.
  • Conduct a fact-finding survey each year and release information about the current situations. About 700,000 persons have downloaded the information from May to August 2013.
  • Hold information exchange sessions for local government antenna shops twice a year.
  • Provide advice and consultation sessions to local governments and companies, media coverage, and shop tours.
  • For the past several years JCRD has been holding tours of antenna shops and seminars for foreigners who wish to pursue similar initiatives in their own countries. The participants have included representatives from African countries like Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda, and Asian countries including Malaysia, Pakistan, and Fiji. More recently, representatives from the United States, Canada, Australia, the Philippines, and South Korea have also taken part.

連絡先 振興部 地域づくり情報課広報室 TEL:03-5202-6137 E-mail:kouhou@jcrd.jp【「@」は半角に置き換えてください】